You must Be,

before you can do, and you can only do to the extent that you are, and what you are depends on what you think'.

Charles F Haanel Master Key system

Getting Rich Doing What You Love

rich car 'Most people who are determined to live a great life want not merely go through life like a sound-producing, perambulating plant, but to develop - to improve - and to continue the development mentally to the end. To make a contribution to this world or even change the world in some way. This calls for one to be that somebody for as we know, you can only do to the extent that you are. Hence achieving success and investing in yourself is remains of primary importance to us, and a good question to ask ourselves is 'who will you have to be to achieve all you want' Anthony Robbins. Lets take some time and think about the statement ‘getting rich doing what you love‘.
getting rich

The First Part Is Getting Rich

Is getting rich that important that we should care? Wattles advices us “You can render to God and humanity no greater service than to be all you can be, to can all you can” getting rich We can rightly conclude that to succeed in this, one requires material resources and to have these resources so as to do whatever one wishes to undertake, to me sounds like being rich. This rhymes with Maslow's wisdom, the father of motivation who pointed 'what one can be one must be’. So to me it makes perfect sense that we all need to be rich ie wealthy in every sense, in order to play at our best. That said we can agree with Wattles wisdom Whatever positive that anyone may think poverty can bring, the fact is no one can live to the fullest or live a life that even comes near good unless one has material possession or lets just call it wealth or riches. Its just not possible to practice football without a ball, a good field and a good coach. These resources all require money to buy, for its against the laws of nature to get something for nothing, and any transaction must benefit all parties involved, without violating any body's rights. The second part of our statement is 'doing what you love'.

Doing What You Love

Confucius advises us to go for a job that gets us giddy, something we are in love with for if we do so, its will be play, and to us it will be like we will never have to work a instant of our life. getting rich It also follows that you will probably do well in a field that you are good at, talented at, passionate about, for you will easily cross the extra mile on this, and you know when you do an outstanding job, you get rewards beyond what you can imagine.

It All Starts With A Dream, A Clear Cut Idea Of What You Really Want

Lastly you need only to know what you want, for as they say 'you can hit the bulls eye when you know where it is' “The Principle of Power gives us just what we ask of it; if we only undertake little things, it only gives us power for little things; but if we try to do great things in a great way it gives us all the power there is.” Wattles. This further confirms the claim that 'the only limitations are the only ones that we accept in our own minds, so be cautious when defining yourself, you will be glad you did, not because you are so disciplined, but because its so rewarding. This is not Sunday school truth, or mere platitudes, it works with mathematical certainty. Good luck as you get big things done and make this world a better place. All the best as you inspire the world with your greatness. Your fan, etalanta!

you can do it